so fed up i’m questioning my existence and it’s not even midnight 

Living Dead
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friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that

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Anonymous: Do you like anyone?

Dno why

Receiving Line
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Anonymous: Are you single?


Anonymous: No you don't! Shush! You're gorgeous and you have a great body x

this is lovely thank you x

I need to lose SO much weight its stupid :(

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i want a road trip, and i want to take it with one person. someone i can get to know more than i already do, and someone i will enjoy every second of the wide open road with. sleeping in the passenger’s seat to wake up and realize that we’re still driving. smoking in the car, probably a little too much. i want an old ipod, you know the original one that had 160gb, to hold ourselves over, and listen to our favorite albums. i want the late night conversations as we drive, and i want to stretch my legs in the morning with her. i want to hold her hand when i drive and when our hands get sweaty, i can put it on her thigh and she’ll smile. i want the pictures you see on the internet. you know the ones with the caption “casual road trip with babe,” the ones that really make your heart jump, and you say “wow, i want that.” we can go to Washington, we can go to Maine, we can go to California, we can go to Vancouver, wherever we go, it probably won’t be far enough away from home, but it’ll be exactly what we wanted in the first place. a road trip.
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Millstone, Brand New. ✖
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